Golden Book Herbal Extract (Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan, 200)

Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan, Golden Book Herbal Extract, Bolus for Tonifying the Kidney Qi, concentrated, dietary herbal supplement, 200-pill pack, 160 mg each pill, manufactured by Lanzhou Traditional Herbs, China

Have you ever felt chilly all over? If so, Golden Book Herbal Extract is just the product to use. Its special formulations of herbs gives the whole body a feeling of strength and zest which lasts a long time.

Ingredients: Chinese Foxglove (Rehmannia glutinosa libosch), Cornus Fruit (Cornus officinalis siebold), Chinese Yam (Discocera japonica thumg), Moutan Root (paeonia suffuticosa andrews), Poria Fungus (Poria cocos wolff), Alisma Phizome (Alisma plantago-aquatica), Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamonum cassia), Aconitum Root (Acconitum carmichaeli).
The recipe originates in Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber. Modern researches have proved that this recipe has the efficacies in improving hypophysis-adrenocortical function, promoting blood circulation, tranquilizing the mind, lowering blood pressure, strengthening kidney function, protecting the liver and so on.
Actions: To warm and reinforce kidney yang.
Indications: Insufficiency of the kidney yang manifested by lassitude in the loins, legs and feet, cold feeling in the lower part of the body, stiffness in the lower abdomen, dysphoria with smothery sensation resulting in inability to lie flat but rest against bed instead, dysuria or polyuria, bulgy and pale tongue, feeble pulse or deep and faint pulse, as well as phlegm-retention syndrome, diabetes, flaccidity of lower limbs, etc.

Golden Book Herbal
Applications: The above syndrome occurring in chronic nephritis, diabetes, vegetative nerve disturbance, senile dementia, promary stage of prostatic hyperplasia, infertility, amenorrhea, impoten, and other chroni disorders or urinary dysfunction such as edma and chronic bronchitis.
Directions: As a dietary supplement take 8 pills 3 times a day with warm water.
Cautions: It is not advisable to administer this recipe for patients with hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency and impairment of body fluid due to dryness-heat.

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