Glaucoma Cured. Blind Can Now See

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Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 15:49:34 -0600
From: FACT <>

Dr. Gordon,

I have an interesting case study I thought you would appreciate. Dr. Lyn has been working with a guy who was declared legally blind as a result of glaucoma, who had ordered a seeing eye dog. He began spraying ACS and ACZ in (or around) his eyes and he can now see very well. He cancelled his seeing eye dog and now goes around juggling for people to show them how well he can see. We are going to get him on video as he loves to parade his legally blind report.

Dear FACT members:

Are you aggressively detoxing all your patients yet?

Restoring vision in someone legally blind is interesting but you probably cannot pass this information along, as this makes ACS or ACZ into a drug , but maybe you are allowed, as licensed health care professionals to experiment on yourself without getting an IND.  Be aware you cannot legally tell anyone to use a nutritional supplement anywhere but ORALLY.

Realize that if you consider suggesting topical use of ACZ and or ACS 200 around the eye for your patients having any vision or skin issues, or wanting to avoid them, you will be liable for anything that anyone ever claims went wrong. So this information may be useful only to physicians who choose to experiment with self treatment and use a nutritional supplement topically.

Sorry that you are not supposed to learn all this since eye problems are so common.   Anything that helps eyes is worth trying for a while for pets and humans but it is only legal when taken orally. So I can share with you anecdotal reports that suggest that benefits were noted even when used just around the eye and, of course, we cannot put food supplements in the eye.

Still, we continue to get amazing anecdotal reports with these products used orally, as
directed on the label. An autistic child reportedly doubled his vocabulary in just one
month with oral use. These stories are just beginning to accumulate.  Chronic skin problem for years unresponsive to every treatment seem improved after a few weeks of oral use with these two products known as TOTAL BODY DETOX. But, since nutritional supplements are NOT for topical application even if some patients insist on being adventurous and spray these nutritional supplements directly on their skin, they do so at their own risk.

But the future promises to be even more exciting, as Longevity Plus now provides two different Zeolite products. ACZ Nano is the first step for almost every patient, as it lets them start slow and not see too much bowel change/cleansing reactions. Then after using 1-3 bottles and working up to as much as 10 drops Qid for adults, you are ready to go to the next level, ZeoGold.  This is a product most of us will settle on for daily use for life.

Detoxification is a lifetime procedure. There is NO program that can, for example, detox all lead from adult bones in less than 15 years, as they have to remodel and turn-over, and nothing currently has been shown to produce lead free bones faster than their rate of turn-over.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute


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