GI-Rx (Maxam Nutraceutics)

GI-Rx (Maxam Nutraceutics)
Gastrointestinal Cleansing and Support

GI-Rx is a gastrointestinal cleaning agent that uses microactivation technology to clean the alimentary canal. This enables your body to easily absorb the nutrients you need. Over time, your alimentary canal/digestive tract becomes contaminated. Debris and toxins block the nutrient receptors and your body gradually absorbs less and less of the nutrients it needs. Even if you are eating a healthy diet.

The Functions Of GI-Rx:
Cleans gastrointestinal tract.
Supports healthy digestion.
Boosts the body’s ability to better absorb nutrients.
Methods Of Action:
The nutrient particle sizes in Maxam-Rx products are formulated in nanometers, and it is a natural colloid which the body recognizes as a nutrient. These colloidal nanometer particles also provide the water carrier with the hydrogen bond angles increased to 180 degrees (linear water) thus lowering the surface tension and making the water “wetter”, thereby absorbing more efficiently via the oral mucosa. Each nutrient particle also carries a negative surface charge, and cells contain a positive surface charge, so absorption occurs electrokinetically (this is a much more efficient method of absorption than osmosis, where 50% is maximum level achieved). Finally, according to the Physician’s Desk Reference, only 15% – 25% of supplements taken orally are actually absorbed. Fortunately, the multi-dimensional technology used in Maxam products, referred to as SMART™ has been designed to overcome every absorption challenge. The purified, highly concentrated nutrients are bio-activated to enzymatically bind the nutrients.

Distilled water, micro-activated lactobacillus enzymes, peptidyl glycans, phosphatidyl choline, 125 beneficial flora ferments including lactobacillus bulgaricus, acidophilus salivarus, strep. hemophilus sub species, beneficial soil bacteria and hydrated silica in a colloidal matrix.

Shake well. 1-8 sprays under tongue one or more times a day on an empty stomach, hold for 1-2 minutes. For best results, do not consume anything within 30 minutes of taking. (8 sprays = 1ml)


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