Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carteri )

Essential Oil
(Boswellia carteri )conscientious selection process here…

¬†Frankincense Essential Oil is distilled from the resin called “Liquid pearls from the tree of life.” This pure, fine therapeutic grade oil has a fresh top note with a deep, warm, rich balsamic undertone. The ‘CO2′ supercritical distillation means the resin was never boiled at high temperatures to extract the oil – it simply was immersed in liquid carbon dioxide which then simply evaporates when the process is complete. We are pleased to offer these two fantastic oils ~ in this case, we certainly do not consider one ‘better’ than the other; the choice of aroma depends on one’s own needs and aromatic tastes. For an uplifting, brightening oil, choose the carteri ~ for a meditative one, choose the serrata. The best therapeutic selection can be made in the same intuitive way.

This extracts the most pure oil, closest to the original plant state as possible; Some highly-regarded aromatherapists consider the therapeutic effects of the CO2 distilled oils to be better than the steam distilled varieties. The CO2 process draws larger molecules into the oil from the resin that the steam distillation process does not. Frankincense has been noted as a potent immunostimulant and anti-cancer agent in a variety of scientific studies. The essential oil has been shown to stimulate lymphocyte transformation (a measure of its immune system stimulating action, as immune cells are created which fight off specific invaders in the body). It has also been shown to be tumoricidal, which means it destroys the tumors formed by cancerous cells.

The Frankincense tree, or Olibanum, upon first glance, may seem rather unremarkable. It appears as a giant shrub, with many knurled branches topped with abundant slender leaves and occasionally, small white flowers. A native to northern Africa, it looks like it belongs in the desert, growing in some of the world’s harshest conditions. But it is not the tree itself, but rather its sap that has such profound lore surrounding it. When the tree’s bark is pierced with a knife (known traditionally as a ‘Mingaf’), a milky-white oleoresin is exuded – thought the tree is not harmed ( Myrrh is also harvested this way). The resin forms droplets known as ‘tears’ or ‘pearls’, which harden into the orange-brown gum known itself as Frankincense. The English name of this natural incense is derived from the medieval French ‘franc’, meaning ‘pure’ or ‘free’, and from the Latin ‘incensium’, meaning ‘to smoke’.

Well-made Frankincense has a lovely aroma, blending well with many other essential oils. It goes particularly well with many other ‘wood’ oils such as Cedar, Fir, Spruce and Sandalwoods, and adds a lovely note to florals such as Rose and Ylang Ylang.

The spirit of the sacred and of meditation has surrounded Frankincense essential oil for ages; its special mindset is “vertical”, like smoke rise to the heavens. Resins and their oils have always been associated with fumigation and purification. Frankincense oil has the power to uplift human awareness to that “other” level by freeing the nerves from excessive tension, allowing us to focus on the underlying transcendental unity of our inner Self.

Frankincense oil is linked to the psyche, which in Greek also means “breathing”. It deepens and revitalizes the breath and adds to these effects its excellent immunostimulant properties. In skin care, frankincense oil reveals its balsamic nature through its miraculous wound healing properties. Astringent and anti-inflammatory, it is traditionally used to treat scar tissue and skin ulcers, and nourishes dry and prematurely aging skin. Its anti-depressant, euphoric qualities are used in psycho-aromatherapy to treat anxiety & nervous tension.
Uses: Frankincense oil has been revered for centuries as a meditation aid. Add 4-6 drops of Frankincense essential oil to your burner to be used during meditation. Apply externally to the affected area for joint conditions. For immune support, massage into the tops of the feet and lymph-node areas ~ use the carrier of your choice.
Possible Actions: Frankincense essential oil has traditionally used as an anti-asthmatic, strengthening the immune system (immunostimulant). It has been found to have anti-cancer effects. Frankincense contains boswellic acids, which may be helpful in arthritic conditions where inflammation is indicated.
Indications: May be supportive in cases of a weakened immune system, asthma, depression. Has been proposed as an adjunctive therapy to cancer treatment. Noted useful for ‘stubborn warts’.
Cautions: Always test a small amount of essential oil first for sensitivity or allergic reaction. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.
GRAS/FA Status:
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Blends and Recipes: Frankincense oil blends well with: Cedarwood Oil, Lavender Oil, Myrrh Oil, Neroli Oil, Rose Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, and Ylang-Ylang Oil.

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