Failed War On Cancer

The failed war on Cancer has finally been exposed in the New York Times!  Save this for all your cancer patients. This has far more admissions of the abject failure of cancer research than you have ever seen in main stream papers and certainly never in the NY TIMES!
Your patients need to know this so that they do not continue to fall for the standard therapy until the metastasis occurs! The stories in this article can help save lives, as patients might learn that they might want to consider really adding alternatives from the beginning not after the other fails.

They might even want to consider betting their lives on alternatives from the onset as mainstream clearly does not have the answers!

I am pleased to have so many doctors tell me about their patients who are finding that simple things like advanced immune support products such as Immuni-T 2 and Immuni-T 3 (there is nothing available anywhere that compares to them for total broad immune support) coupled with high dose oral BioE’nR-G’y C, Wobenzym, and H.R.T Plus are all making a real difference that their patients can see and feel within days.

Now the public is ready to take DETOXIFICATION to the next level and Longevity Plus has three different Zeolite products to enable truly Advanced Detoxification Programs.  I suspect that IV chelation for Mercury will be replaced over time with these new Zeolite products and that they will lead to even greater successes for patients with cancer who are open to using these relatively simple and affordable alternative approaches to extending their life spans.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

This article from the New York Times is without a doubt the most important article about the war on cancer and alternative cancer therapy written so far this year.  I haven’t seen anything as powerful in quite some time.

Visit below website for the full article.

April 24, 2009

Advances Elusive in the Drive to Cure Cancer

Phyllis Kutt, a nonsmoking vegetarian who exercised, was shocked when told she had breast cancer. After treatment, the cancer returned last year.

Phyllis Kutt, 61, a retired teacher in Cambridge, Mass., believed the advertisements and public service announcements. She thought she would never get cancer ­ she is a vegetarian, she exercises, she is not overweight, she does not smoke. And only two people in her extended family ever had cancer. (probably from underarm deodorant)

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