Epilepsy – Amino Acid Taurine Deficiency in the Brain

I have found that epilepsy is a deficiency of the amino acid taurine in the brain.  I muscle test what the % deficiency is and what the dosage of 500 mg taurine capsules should be.

It works every time.  A 5-year-old boy in Baguio who had epileptic attacks every week no longer has it from the very first week that he took the taurine.  It is now 2 years and he has had no attacks.

A 26-year old lady in Metro Manila who had just arrived from the U.S. for epileptic treat, to no avail,she was still getting 1 gran mal and 3 petite mals a week was attack free after 1 week of taurine.

She and her boy friend finally were able to get married 2 months later.  Guess who got invited to the wedding?

Her uncle flew in from the U.S. for the wedding.  She brought him to me one week after the wedding, because he too was having 2 gran mals a week and petite mals in the other days. A week after he returned to the U.S., he called to say he no longer had the attacks after he started to use taurine.

Incidentally, taurine is an inexpensive food supplement.  And guess what, raw eggs are rich in taurine.

These are not isolated cases.

Jaime E. Dy-Liacco

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