Diabetes Testimonial & Okra (Part 1)

For diabetes sufferers,
Something to try and hopefully will reduce your deterioration and complications:
Cardiovascular problem,
Kidney failure,
Gangrene – leg amputation, etc.


Patient Case Study
August 2007

Darryl is 65 years old & retired. He has been injecting 30mls a day of insulin for a number of years. His usual reading varied from 17-22.

In August of 2007 he was to visit his diabetic specialist for his usual 6 monthly check up and receive his prescription for more insulin since he had run out.

Unfortunately at the time of this appointment his wife developed a severe case of pneumonia and Darryl was unable to make the specialist appointment. So he rang to re-schedule and was told that the next one available would be in 6 months time. Unable to obtain an earlier one he heard from a friend that ZeoActiv8 had helped one of his sick friends greatly. So Darryl began taking ZeoActiv8, 10 drops at night before bed. Other medicine he was taking at the time was 1 diamicron (glucose tablet) in the morning.

Darryl is a regular bowls player and enjoys his time at the club, usually having up to 6 beers whenever he plays bowls. He eats a sensible diet of fruits and vegetables with his meals and occasionally consumes meat. He does not follow the strict diabetic meal schedule. At night he loves some dark chocolate.

Darryl had stopped injecting 30mls of insulin each day by late August 2007.

March 2008
It has been 6 months since Darryl started on the ZeoActiv8. During this time he had been experimenting with his dosage.  Sometimes 12 drop sometimes 20. What he discovered was that around 16 drops was giving him the maximum results. Energy levels very high, no need for insulin injections, able to consume a normal sensible diet and a rapidly improving bowls game. Feeling so good he delayed the diabetic specialist’s appointment for a further 6 months.

August 2008
Darryl has not been taking his 30mls of insulin a day for 12 months. He has been taking the diamicron every morning, regular beers after bowls and some dark chocolate occasionally at night.

Darryl’s home reading machine was giving him unusual figures so he went to the specialist for a 3 month reading. The results come back 6.9 for the last 3 months. Darryl asks the specialist to double check the figures; the specialist confirms the figures as true and a 100% accurate.

Darryl calls ZeoActiv8 and relates the story and orders some extra bottles for his friends.

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