Cystic Fibrosis – Selenium Deficiency

WELLNESS:  When you were working with the NIH, you discovered that you could reproduce cystic fibrosis in monkeys because it was a nutritional deficiency.   When you made this public, you were fired.  Why was that so difficult   for the medical community to accept?

DR. WALLACH:  Well, I was the darling of the veterinary research in those days.   I was on committees for both NIH and the National Science Foundation.  I was in veterinarian and human nutritional and pathology research at the international level.
    I came across a serendipitous discovery on the first animal diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and confirmed by the world experts on cystic fibrosis.   Because it was a laboratory animal that came from what was supposed to be normal breeding colony from NASA, we had all kinds of weekly blood samples frozen.   We were able to go back and discover what had happened–why 6 little monkeys wound up with cystic fibrosis.  I found I could reproduce this condition at will.
    At that time–and still today–standard medical research   believes falsely that cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease.  It’s  a   congenital defect that babies can be born with when mother’s have a Selenium deficiency during pregnancy.  Selenium is required for the health and development of the pancreas, liver, heart, and other tissues.  Almost always when a cystic   fibrosis child is born, their lungs are normal.  Years later, it’s usually the advancing lung disease that causes  problems.  They’re not born with lung disease, it only comes on because of chronic nutritional deficiencies.
    By using medical computers, I was able to find thousands of articles in the veterinary literature to piece together the puzzle.  This probably sounds egotistical, but you have to remember that the government  spent  7.5 million dollars  training me how to figure these things out.  So when I figured out cystic fibrosis, the medical community, being arrogant, said ‘how can this guy come along and figure this out in one year’s time when we’ve been working on this for 25 years?’
    The facility I was working for was trying to get a multi-million dollar grant to study genetics.  They were afraid that if I showed cystic fibrosis was not genetic they wouldn’t get the grant.  So they pulled the plug.  That’s what drove me to Naturopathic College.
WELLNESS:  The point here is that you were able to see the solution to the disease because you had a different viewpoint.

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