Conquest of Cancer: by Virginia Livingston Wheeler M.D.

[1983] The Conquest of Cancer: Vaccines and Diet by Virginia Livingston Wheeler M.D. with Edmond G. Addeo

cancer is caused by a bacterium, which I have formally classified as Progenitor Cryptocides. Moreover, this bacterium can be isolated and cultured, and a vaccine can be made from it that can help your immune system keep cancer suppressed and, if it appears, can help fight it off. This disease is definitely transmissible to man from animals, and because the cancer-causing microbe also already exists in our bodies from birth, it is immuno-therapy that is the single most powerful anti-cancer program for all kinds of cancers. ……

when I inoculated animals with this acid-fast microbe, many of them developed cancer.

when I applied the Ziehl-Neelsen stain, the identical appearing microbes were present in all cancers.
I cultured this microbe from tissues and patients’ blood and injected it into mice, many mice developed cancer or a related collagen disease.
I have been achieving remarkable results with human cancer patients by using immunotherapy techniques to help their own bodies ward off the tumors and literally destroy them.
Progenitor Cryptocides produces choriogonadotropins (CG), an essential hormone,
The microbe I discovered to be acid-fast and classified as Progenitor Cryptocides is a bacillus that is a first cousin to the bacilli that cause tuberculosis and leprosy. I believed then, and have proven repeatedly, that this P. Cryptocides bacillus is the causative agent of cancerĀ­all cancers.
This microbe is present in all of our cells, and it is only our immune systems that keep it suppressed. When our immune systems are weakened, either by poor diet, infected foods, or old age, this microbe gains a foothold and starts cancer cells growing into tumors.


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