Canola Oil & Glaucoma – Deficiency Of Oxygen & Blood Flow

Blindness, Mad Cow Disease and Canola Oil by John Thomas Perceptions March 1996. Millions of people have suffered the loss of their vision from glaucoma, a disease involving atmphy (deterioration) of the optic nerve. For years, “experts” have been telling us that glaucoma results from fluid-pressure buildup in the eye that causes the optic nerve to deteriorate. This theory was based on an incorrect medical model: They were wrong! Now, the experts have admitted that this is not true and have given birth to a new theory. According to it, glaucoma is instead caused by a deficiency of oxygen and blood flow. Finally they are on the right trail. In the end, they will discover that glaucoma is the result of insufficient blood flow due to agglutination (clumping together) of the red blood cells and waste buildup in the cells and intercellular fluids.

These blood-corpuscle clusters cannot squeeze through the extremely tiny capillaries in the posterior of the eye, so cannot deliver oxygen to the mitochonciria.’ This is what the problem has been all along, and if people continue to eat soy(2) and canola oils, a lot more of them are going to experience vision irregularities­like retinitis and macula lutea degeneration.

Death of the (3) mitochondria in the cells in the posterior of the eye is due to oxygen starvation, sodium toxicity and waste accumulation. When the mitochondria die, the cells die and the posterior eye tissues atrophy. In this respect, glaucoma has much in common with hair loss, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and hearing problems. There are several things a person can do to reverse these debilitating conditions. Biologically friendly water(4) is basic to all rejuvenation, as is fresh, viable food. Detoxification of the tissues and body fluids is accomplished with yucca Rape Seed Oil or “Canola? Canola is a coined word. It appeared out of nowhere and is not listed in any but the most recent reference sources. The flip side of the canola coin reads: “rape”! You must admit that canola sounds better than rape. The name canola disguised the introduction of rape oil to America. Canola oil comes from the rape seed, which is part of the mustard family of plants. Rape is the most toxic of all food-oil plants. Like soy, rape is a weed. Insects will not eat it; it is deadly poisonous! The oil from the rape seed is a hundred times more toxic than soy oil! Canola is a semi-drying oil that is used as a lubricant, fuel, soap and synthetic rubber base and as an illuminant for the slick color pages you see in magazines. It is an industrial oil and does not belong in the body! Canola oil has some very interesting characteristics and effects on living systems. For example, it forms latex-like substances that agglutinate the red blood corpuscles, as does soy, but much more pronounced. Loss of vision is a known, characteristic side effect of rape oil which antagonizes the central and peripheral nervous systems again like soy oil, again worse. The deterioration takes years, however. Rape (canola) oil causes emphysema, respiratory distress, anemia, constipation, irritability and blindness in animals ­and humans. Rape oil was widely used in animal feeds in England and Europe between 1986 and 1991 when it was thrown out. You may remember reading about the cows, pigs and sheep that went blind, lost their minds, attacked people and had to be shot. A woman called me from Chicago to tell me that she had been in England when the “Mad Cow Disease” was at its peak. She said that she had seen a television news report that told people not to panic if they had been using rape oil in their diet and were over 65 years of age. The “experts” added that the effects of rape oil ingestion takes at least 10 years to manifest, and in all likelihood, most of these people would be dead by then anyway. Comforting! In the reports I read, the “experts” blamed the erratic behavior on a viral disease called scrapie. However, when rape oil was removed from animal feed, “scrapie” disappeared. No longer a European livestock problem; now it is ours. U.S. farmers grow rape seed, and manufacturers use its oil (canola) in thousands of processed foods, with the blessings of government watchdog agencies, of course. Officially, canola oil is known as “LEAR” oil­low erucic acid7 rape. Industry experts love to tell how canola was developed in Canada and that it is safe to use. They admit it was developed from the rape seed, but that through genetic engineering, i.e. irradiation, it is no longer rape seed, but “canola” instead. [“Canadian oil,” get it?]. They love to talk about canola’s qualities,­ its unsaturated structure (Omega 3, 6 and 12), its wonderful digestibility and its fatty acid makeup. They turn us against naturally saturated oils and fats, while they come to the rescue with canola oil. They even tell us how Asia has warmly embraced canola due to its distinctive flavor. Isn’t it wonderful how internationalist brokers “help” third-world peoples? Reminds me of the introduction of the microwave oven. An earthy expression from the Old West sums up the flimflam accompanying rape oil’s rebirth and promotion worldwide: “horseshit and gun smoke!” Its new name provided the perfect cover for commercial interests wanting to make billions in the United States. The euphemism is still very much in use, but is no longer needed. Look at the ingredients lists on peanut butter labels. The peanut oil has been removed and replaced with rape oil.  Chemical Warfare Rape oil is also the source of the infamous chemical-warfare agent, mustard gas, which was banned after blistering the lungs and skin of hundreds of thousands of solders and civilians during WWI. Recent French reports indicate that it was again used during the Gulf War. Between 1950 and 1953, white mustard (rape) seed was irradiated in Sweden to increase seed production and oil content. Irradiation is the process the experts want to use to make our food “safe” to eat. Genetically engineered fruits and vegetables which will soon have innocent things like hepatitis-B spliced into their DNA­are another example of man’s misuse of technology and abuse of public trust by powerful interests and “head-in-the-sand” watchdog agencies.’ Canola oil contains large amounts of “isothiocyanates”­ cyanide-containing compounds. Cyanide inhibits mitochondrial production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy molecule that fuels the mitochondria. ATP energy powers the body and keeps us healthy and young! Canola Oil & Metabolism Many substances can bind metabolic enzymes and block their activity in the body. In biochemistry, these substances are ‘lied inhibitors. Toxic substances in canola and soy oils encourage the formation of molecules with covalent bonds which are normally irreversible: They cannot be broken by the body once they formed. For example, consider the pesticide malathion. It binds to the active site of the enzyme acetykbolinesterase and stops this enzyme from doing its job, which is to divide acetykboline into choline and acetate.  Nerve Function & Organophosphates Acetylcholine is critical to nerve-impulse transmission. When acetyicholinesterase is inhibited, as by pesticide residues, nerve fibers do not function normally, and muscles do not respond. For example, think of a garage door opener; If its signal is not received, the door does not open. With one’s body, the hand or leg is ordered to move, but does not respond. Recently there has been a tremendous increase in disorders like systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, “myelinoma,”(10) pulmonary hypertension and neuropathy. Soy and canola oils are players in the outbreak of these disease conditions. So are the organophosphates, insecticides such as malathion used in food production in the name of efficiency. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors cause paralysis of the striated (skeletal) muscles and spasms of the respiratory system. That is why malathion is the pesticide of choice by the experts; it kills insects by paralysis ­just like rotenone from soy beans does! It inhibits the insect’s enzymes and those of humans, too! Agents Orange and Blue that were used in Vietnam to defoliate jungle cover are also organophosphorous compounds. The Vietnam vets and the Vietnamese people know about them firsthand. Government experts who okayed their use and chemical companies that manufactured them have finally owned up to their toxic effects on people and the environment. Nevertheless, present-day experts in academia and government continue to bamboozle the public with stories of “safe” science and cheap food through the use of poisons. Canola oil is also high in glycosides that cause serious problems by blocking enzyme function and depriving us of our life force­chi, qi, prana, call it what you like. Glycosides interfere with the biochemistry of humans and animals. Their presence in rattlesnake venom inhibits muscle enzymes and causes instant immobilization of the victim.  Canola Oil. HIV and AIDS Soy and canola oil glycosides also depress the immune system. They cause the white-blood-cell defense system­the ‘T,’ cells­to go into a stupor and fall asleep on the job. These oils alter the bioelectric “terrain” and promote disease. Alcohols and glycosides in canola and soy oils shut down our protective grid­the immune system. Fluoride, immunizations, antibiotics and bio-junk food play a similar role in immune system collapse. An alcohol is a chemistry term for the “reactive” chemical group on an organic molecule. These “R” groups are what make organic compounds work for good and bad! Canola alcohols and glycosides are very reactive. They are as toxic as fermented alcohols, but their effects manifest differently. The damage takes years to show up. In a future article, I will discuss the sweet proteins in soy. When the medical experts check your blood for the presence of the HIV virus, they are looking at your white blood cell “count.” If the numbers are normal, they will tell you that you do not have HIV. What they don’t see is that the T cells are in a toxic stupor. This opportunistic condition causes life forms in the blood and lymph to metamorphose, manifest as hepatitis, pneumonia and HIV, bypass the body’s immune-system defenses (the T cells) and get a foothold. As Claude Barnard said, “The terrain is everything!” Once inside the cells, HIV takes over the RNA and DNA. It uses the mitochondria to produce energy for its own use. Quietly it multiplies, then one day­BANG!­you wake up dying of AIDS.  AIDS & Green Monkeys In his earth-shaking book, AIDS: The End of Civilization, Dr. William Campball Douglass asked, “Do you really think some green monkey all of a sudden bit some guy in the ass and presto, AIDS all over the world?” Dr. Douglass was examining the hype that the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta have been peddling to the public about the AIDS virus, HIV Douglass’ book tells the “whole” story of the development of HIV at the Ft. Detrick (Maryland) military installation. His story is well documented and confirms the theme of the futuristic movie Outbreak. Lorenzo’s Oil Another film, Lorenzo’s Oil, offers a good example of how far off course medical science has strayed and how muddied is the scientific mind. Early on in the movie, the experts say the problem with the dying child is not in the “math,” i.e., pH. They are wrong. Had the experts determined the pH of the saliva, urine and blood they would have instantly known what they were up against: That dying boy had a chronically low total-body pH­so low that his fluids were dissolving the myelin sheathing protecting his nerve fibers. This caused his nervous system to disintegrate. Does this description sound like the dozens of degenerative nerve-related disorders plaguing people today? The boy was given Lorenzo’s oil to boost energy output and act as a detoxifier of metabolic poisons. The oil shocked his body into a less acid condition. Lorenzo’s oil is olive oil! When given in large quantities, olive oil shocks the body and causes it to adjust its pH. It will also safely purge the body of gall- and liver stones, thus removing the need for gallbladder surgery. (Yucca extract and PACs must precede the “flush.”) Shortly after Lorenzo’s Oil was released, my brother saw an “expert” on a TV talk show claim that Lorenzo’s oil was rape oil. This was a lie. Give rape oil to a sick person, and you will seal his or her doom. Here is another good example of “disinformation” in the public domain. These falsehoods should cause every thinking person to question the molding of public opinion by the powerful commercial interests behind the scenes.  Blood & Oils By now it should be obvious that congested blood and lymph flow negatively affect every part of the body. Moreover, using processed foods containing canola oil, soy oil and chemical additives confuses the body and weakens the immune system. It should come as no surprise that anyone wanting to enjoy peak health and longevity must take personal control of and responsibility for his or her health and life. There is no other way! “Health care industry” is an oxymoron; it protects its own health and economic interests. Learn to protect your health and economic interests by learning how to take care of yourself. Then act on that knowledge. This excerpt from John Thomas’ new book, Young Again: How to Reverse The Aging Process, published by Promotion Publishing, San Diego, has been edited especially for Perceptions. Notes 1. Bacteria inhabiting the cells of all animals. They produce and burn the energy-carrying molecule adenosine triphosphate(ATP). 2. Soy oil contains phytohemaglutinin (PHG). a toxic biochemical that causes blood to clot and combines with impurities to form plaque, obstructing capillaries. PHG numbs immune-system T cells. alters hormonal activity and slows vital-organ function. Its effects are cumulative. 3. An area in the eye near the center of the retina in which visual perception is most acute. 4. Water resonant at 7.8 hertz, or earth frequency; pure, highly charged and magnetic in its strong right-spin molecular charge. 5. A revitalizing tea made from a fungus-like organism.

Proanthocyanidins. plant-derived antioxidants, free-radical scavengers.
7. solid fatty acid, a Piomologue of oleic acid, derived from oils of mustard seeds and rape seeds.

8.See “The Devil’s Bargain Gene-Altered Food,” Perceptions Nov/Dec 1995, p. 38. 9. Any organic compound containing phosphorus, specifically one used as an insecticide. e.g. malathion, the “harmless” pesticide spray used to kill the Med fly and blanket every living thing in California a few years ago and again in 1994 and 1995. and in Texas in April 1995. 10. A catch-all term used by doctors for the deterioration of the myelin sheathing around the nerves; “-oma” means “tumor,” but the condition could as easily be “myelinosis.” It is also often called walking legs syndrome” and causes its sufferers intense burning sensations they must walk off.

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< The ” object” of this book is to provide the reader with ANSWERS to health concerns and improve the quality of the reader’s life. Hopefully, these are the reasons you are reading Young Again. Your author’s approach to health and longetivity is total and BASIC! He does NOT believe in band aids or magic bullets. He wants readers to understand how loss of control of the body’s terrain occurs and exactly whaat must be done to experience aging reversal. It is not the author’s intent to be absolute or overzealous. Few people will be able to comply 100% with all the suggestions contained in these pages. The reader is encouraged to advance in personal knowledge at his/her own pace. Do not feel doomed because you are unable to follow all the suggestions at once. Please realize, the material presented represents the BEST you can shoot for – the goal – the ideal! The ideal world of health is a lifestyle that includes wholesome food, pure water, moderate exercise, adequate rest, low stress, a clean body and a strong mind. These things are worth striving for even though the perfect lifestyle is very difficult to “live” in a world where disease and human suffering are the norm. Hopefully this book will help the reader find a middle ground where enjoyment of good health can be realized and perpetually maintained, consistent with one’s circumstances. We live in an imperfect world, and we fall short of the ideal. Sometimes we are subject to events and circumstances beyond our control. Yet, each day, we DO have the opportunity to make “choices” that effect our lives an health – and the lives of those arounsd us – for good and bad. We must strive to make the BEST choices we can each and every day of our lives. The reader is reminded that health and disease are cumulated states of being, and the alternative to good health is a sorry existence indeed. Poor health cheats us of happiness and of “life.” Aim high – and do the very best you can. Good health is worth whatever it takes to get it and keep it! -from book’s introduction < If you read his book, two things are very apparent: 1. A lot of his health advice is excellent and true (and unconventional). 2. His book is full to the brim with constant advertisements for his products and his products only. If you look at his source packet (product catalog) you will find the products in it are unusually expensive. I wish to talk about #2. He gives you the impression that only his vitamins will work because they are “racemized”. He assures you that only his water purification machine will be ideal for your health because of “energy footprints” and “bond angle restructuring” that his machine does, etc. (which are bogus and unscientific terms). Don’t get fooled. He’s a good man who has helped a lot of people but his products aren’t anything specially exclusive to him. His vitamins are simply made by a company who privately relabels vitamins for whoever wants to resell them under their own personal label. You can get equally good vitamins elsewhere for much cheaper. His water machine is made by Universal Water which relabels it with his private BFRV label. It is simply reverse osmosis, carbon, and deionization. You can get a better machine which is equally BEV water standard (Bio-Electric Vincent) for much cheaper at […]. Click on the FAQ link at the top of the page and read “How do your systems compare to BFRV(?) systems sold by John Thomas?” for more information. In fact, the above site used to sell the SAME systems John Thomas is selling for much more but due to it having problems, they have created their own version which is better quality. Why has his products helped others so much in the past? Because they are truly good products! But the key is that you can get them elsewhere for much cheaper. The second thing I want to say is that he tells many true things in his book. However, he also embellishes them with his own theories. His own theories are unprovable, and in some cases, unscientific. He cannot prove them. They are made up in some cases. For example, he claims his water machine changes the “hydrogen and molecular bond angles”. There is quite a substantial amount of scientific evidence which shows that you cannot alter the hydrogen and molecular bond angles except when H20 is bonded to a protein or you can change the bond angle for one billionth of 1 milisecond when the water is subjected to a strong magnetic force. For John Thomas to claim that he can alter the bond angles in a water system and can keep it that way for any length of time is non-scientific and quite simply not possible. So don’t believe everything he says. For another author who tells a lot of the same things as John Thomas and is not in it for the money, I suggest Dr. Lorraine Day ( In fact, the best vitamin supplement you can get to be honest is to use a juicing machine to make juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables directly. Not only is it perfectly absorbable by the body but it contains all of the things inside of vegetables and fruits that our bodies need which we may not have discovered yet (unlike vitamin supplements). The things John Thomas mentions about fourth dimensions are his personal theories (he happens to be an eastern religion). If you are a Christian, I warn you that it is incompatible with Christianity as he claims Christ was merely a fourth-dimensional being and others can become fourth-dimensional beings too (whereas Christians know that Jesus is God and Man – He is “God Made Man”) so be cautious. I hope this helped. Feel free to read his book as there are a lot of true and good things in it, but be cautious with his products and claims and also do your research on the water system and vitamins.

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