Candida Protocol

Suggested protocol for Candida:                                                           2-24-06
If a client has candida issues, I would strongly suggest addressing this problem before detoxing with the PCA-Rx.  We have seen, through thousands of cases, that when mercury in particular is removed, candida, if already present, will most often times flare up.

My suggestions for addressing a systemic candida issue is to begin using the Probiotics-Rx at 5 capsules twice daily for the first 3 days, then taper to 3 capsules twice daily for the next 5 days.  While taking the Probiotics-Rx, I would also strongly suggest using the BioGuard as well.  The BioGuard is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial sublingual spray.  The purpose of utilizing both of these products is that the Probiotics-Rx will primarily address the gut restoration, while the BioGuard will be working systemically (thrush, vaginal or genital yeast, topical rashes, etc.).   Dosing on the BioGuard should be 8 sprays twice daily.  This is considered double-dosing.  The BioGuard will also assist the Probiotics-Rx proliferate very quickly throughout the entire GI tract.  The PCA-Rx should also be used at low doses while going through this protocol to irradicate the candida from the bloodstream as well.  Typical PCA-Rx usage during this time should be at 2 sprays twice daily.

For a typical candida problem that is not systemic, I would recommend the following:   Probiotics-Rx should be taken at 3 capsules twice daily for 10 days, while using the BioGuard at 8 sprays twice daily.  The PCA-Rx should not be used for a typical, non-systemic candida issue.  It will be utilized after the Probiotics-Rx and BioGuard course is finished.

I always encourage my clients to eat a healthy, clean diet, high in living green foods.   Alkalize the system.  Refrain from sugars while on the Probiotics-Rx and the BioGuard combination, even fruit sugars.  Candida feeds on sugars.  This includes carbohydrates as well.  I’d suggest a clean source of protein and plenty of lightly steamed, organic vegetables during your candida cleanse.  Pure water is very important as well.  Absolutely no tap water.  It usually contains contaminants that you just don’t need.

Once the gut has been restored, you can move on to the detox product of your choice, either PCA-Rx, PCM-Rx or PC3X.

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