Cancer Steps

Cancer is multi-factorial. Below is a simple overview of how cancer gets started:

1. Hyperacidity. What happens if hyperacidic?
A. Blood coagulates,
a. Stagnant blood circulation,
b. No oxygen delivery to capillaries of organs,
c. Cold extremities (hand and feet),
d. Organs malfunction

2. Pathogens (parasites, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, prions, virus, etc) pleomorphisize,
A. By pleomorphism – Dr. Hyde (good) becomes Jekyll (bad)
B. Produces more lactic acids and yeast produces aflatoxin, mycotoxins,
3. Increase toxicity depresses the immune system, WBC gets to be tired and sleepy,
4. Iodine deficiency causes hypothyroid, master hormone production is compromise, various organs malfunction
5. Proteolytic enzymes from pancreas is lacking,

From the above, one needs to do the following:
1. Neutralize the acidity with minerals and good water (alkaline, ionized, hexagonal),
2. Destroy toxin producing pathogens to lessen toxic body load,
3. Increase eliminatory organ’s function to flush out toxins,
4. Supply iodine to optimize thyroid function supplying master hormones for other endocrine glands,
5. Supply digestive and proteolytic enzymes to help pancreas, spleen and liver reduce workloads,
6. Boost the immune system to become alert and aggressively searching for enemies,
7. Improve circulation with heat to dilate blood vessels.

There is no single bullet to destroy cancer. Not even surgery that literally taking out the cancer mass solves the problem. Surgery (including needle biopsy) actually may cause the cancer to spread. Chemo and radiation gives an immediate impact of reducing tumor size. Only to later come back more aggressive than initially started.

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