Cancer Promoter – Deficiency Of Iodine

A summary of a lecture given by Dr. Flechas, probably the most studied and knowledgeable guy on iodine in the world…enjoy!

A Summary of Dr. George Flechas’ Speech at the September 2008 Cancer Control Society
(Editor’s Notes are Mine.)

“The absence of iodine in the human body is a promoter of cancer.”
Dr. Flechas

The absence of iodine in the human body is a promoter of cancer. No iodine,
lots of cancer.
When you go back and look in history at the relationship between iodine and
cancer, it was found that people without iodine in the thyroid get a goiter,
enlargement of thyroid, and hypothyroidism. A hundred years ago, they
discovered that people with a goiter have a higher rate of thyroid cancer, and
increased risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, esophogeal
cancer, etc.

Intermediary Diseases Before Getting Cancer
Thyroid – Normal thyroid tissue… Goiter ….
Nodules … Enlargement … Thyroid Cancer
Breast – Normal breast tissue .. Cysts;
Nodules, Scar Tissue, Enlargment, Pain ( called fibrocytic disease)… Two or
three years ago, a NEJM article found that people with fibrocystic disease
ended up having higher rates of having breast cancer.
Ovary – Normal ovarian tissue … Cysts,
Nodules, Scar tissue, Enlargement, Pain (called polycystic disease) By late
40’s, early 50’s may have ovarian cancer.

Amounts of Iodine in Organs
For people who have been on the drug, amiodarone, an organic iodine for heart
arrhythmias, and died under the influence of the drug, it was discovered after
they died that the body could hold up to 1500 mg of iodine.
Most people have 20 mg – 30 mg of iodine in them.
The thyroid can hold up to a maximum of 50 mg., which represents less than 3%
of the total iodine that the body can hold. But medical professionals have only
focused on the thyroid, and have forgotten the rest of the body.
Skin: The skin has 20% of the iodine. What does iodine do in the skin? Iodine
helps the body to sweat. The absence of sweating is a premonition to let you
know that the iodine levels in the body have declined. The absence of iodine
promotes cancer.
Muscles: 32% of the iodine sits in the muscles. When there are nodules, scar
tissue, enlargement, and pain, called fibromyalgia.

Iodine in History
In history, it was only thought you needed enough iodine for the population to
stave off a goiter. They say that you can get your iodine from salt. But,
today, 50% of people do not cook with iodized salt. Plus, many in the fast food
industry do not use iodized salt. Iodine used to be in the bread and milk, but
it was taken out. The only place you can get iodine is in salt.

In Napoleon’s day, when iodine was discovered, it was found that iodine is what
stops the development of a goiter. If you give iodine, the goiter disappears.
It was the first disease that could be stopped.
Now, doctors think that if you give iodine, it will cause a goiter. It is the
schizophrenia of medicine.
We forgot one of our first medical tenets. If you give iodine, it will get rid
of a goiter. It does not induce a goiter. And, if it does, something else is

Iodine and Cancer
Iodine takes away the immortality of cancer cells. Cancer cells think of
themselves as being immortal. Iodine induces apoptosis. It takes away the
immortality of cancer cells. Iodine freezes cellular division, so that cells
can not divide and multiply, and divide and multiply. Iodine stops dividing and
But if you have a wound, you need to have controlled “divide and
multiply” quickly to close the wound. It was discovered in the 80’s that
if you put iodine on a surgical wound, when you take out the sutures, the wound
will open up. Why? Iodine will not allow for divide and multiply that is
necessary for a surgical wound to close.

Recent research has found that iodine has the ability to decrease estrogen
production in the cells of the body. When you take estrogen for menopause, and
if you are starting to take iodine, you may need more estrogen to control the
menopausal symptoms. Iodine controls and almost stops the production of
estrogen. And iodine decreases the ability of the cells to make receptors for
estrogen. Hence, this is the medication, Tamoxifen It has the ability to block
these receptors. While iodine decreases the total number of estrogen receptors
that are present in the body…

Sodium Iodide Symporter (NIS)
The absorption of iodine is a protein known as the sodium iodide symporter (NIS) system. The
symporter is found in the thyroid and in all cell tissues of the body. The
symporter is a transport protein that transports the iodine from a low
concentration to a high concentration zone. There is a high concentration in
the thyroid and low concentration in the tissues. Iodine has the ability to
transport iodine against a gradient, and push it into the tissue.

In the breast, two transport systems: Pendrin and NIS.
In the breast, the chloride channel, the pendrin, is operational from the
But, in breast cancer, the NIS
becomes active in the breast cancer cells. The breast cancer cell, sensing
something is wrong, increases NIS
to absorb iodine to get rid of the cancer. In Dr. Christine Horner’s book, The
Making of a Warrior Goddess, she states that 80% of breast cancer cells show
evidence of active absorption through the sodium iodide symporter.

IN MICE STUDIES; You can take the sodium iodide symporter – the gene for the
symporter -and put it into an AIDS-type virus, a retrovirus, that has the
ability to insert genes into the DNA of cells.

Lung Cancer Mice Study: Researchers at UCLA put the gene for the symporter into
a retrovirus, then put it in and infected the cancer cells of mice with oat
cell lung cancer, and all of a sudden the cells could absorb iodine.

Result: There was 95% cell death in just a few days. (Editor’s Note: From the
Lung Cancer Study: This is the first report demonstrating that a therapeutic
dose of nonradioactive iodide has potent efficacy and high selectivity against
lung cancer when used in combination with genetic modification of cancer cells
to express the NIS/TPOgenes.)

Prostate Cancer Mice Study: In this Mayo study, researchers loaded NIS in the prostate of
mice and gave them iodine and in a matter of days the prostate cancer was gone.
(Editor’s Note: In this prostate cancer study, they unfortunately used
radioactive iodide.)

This is how important iodine is in the body.
There are now new therapies to infect a cancer with a virus that contains the
symporter that has the ability to increase the body’s capability to absorb

Boston Women’s Study
Years ago, in Boston,
25,000 women took 5 mg of iodine a day, and were followed for five years. At
the end of five years, they had a 50% decrease in the production of breast
cancer. So, what we are saying is that the absence of iodine is a promoter of

IQ and Iodine
Iodine determines the IQ in a population. If iodine is taken during pregnancy,
the child will have an IQ that is 10-15 points higher in IQ than the parents.
On the West Coast, what population would be expected to have a higher IQ? The
Asians. They eat seaweed. They eat seaweed all of the time with their meals.
Americans maybe eat sushi once a year. There are 20 different kinds of seaweed.
Need to incorporate more seaweed in the diet. Learn how to use seaweed in
beans, rice, etc. And then we are told not to eat fish because of mercury. But
what they don’t tell you is that there are small fish that do not have mercury.

Chinese Experiment with Fluoride
In China,
where there isn’t much iodine in the population, they flouridated the water
system and watched over five years to see if there were any problems. What they
found was there were babies born that were cretins, m*o*o*ns, idiots, what ever
you want to call it.
And here in the US,
the iodine has been depleted, taken out of the bread, milk. And we have been
told to decrease taking salt in the next five years, they say, by 50%. And they
fluoridate the water in the cities here, so what can we expect in the next

Italian Study with Kids
An absence of iodine in EARLY pregnancy leads to problems. In Italy, they conducted a study with 20 kids from
the city (Tuscany)
and 20 kids from an ocean area. In the kids from the city, where there was not
enough iodine in the water or food, 11 out of 20 kids got Attention Deficit
Disorder (ADD). In the kids from the ocean area, where they could eat ocean
fish and products, zero of the kids got ADD.
And here, in the US,
between 2000 and 2004, the rate of ADD among adults rose 500%.

Subtracting out Iodine
If you subtract out iodine, there is decreasing intellect and increasing
94% of all American women have fibrocystic disease. Just think about future
generations, when there is no iodine in their system.

The more iodine you eat, the longer you live and have fewer problems with

Japanese Men and Iodine
If you are a man, if you don’t die of a heart attack, you will die from
prostate cancer.
In Japan,
when Japanese men develop prostate cancer, they never die of it. Why? The
iodine keeps the cancer from spreading beyond the capsule of the prostate.

In contrast to the Japanese, in the US, 40% of the men who get prostate
cancer will die of the disease.
Read Dr. David Derry’s book, Breast Cancer and Iodine, on this. Dr. Derry is an
MD/PHD, and you can get his book on Amazon. It has the documentation that
iodine is crucial for men and women.

Also, 1-2 % of US men develop breast cancer. It is not due to taking estrogen.
It is due to not getting enough iodine in the diet.
So, iodine is crucial for women and men.

Why Males Have Breasts
Thyroperoxidase (TPO) is the enzyme in the thyroid gland that helps iodine get
absorbed to make proteins, which is called organification. And then the
production of hormones.
While women have larger breasts, why do males have breast tissue? In the breast
tissue, there is the enzyme, lactoperoxidase (LPO), that helps the body to
absorb iodine in all tissues. That is why males have breast tissue.

There is now technology to measure iodine saturation in the body.

Thanks for sharing. I learned quite a bit there…

Although I don’t think most med professionals think Iodine causes goiter.

The big thing I see all the time is this.

Goiter is almost defined as an iodine deficiency, yet iodine is never
prescribed for the problem.

Typically, the women get bloodwork (looking for hypothyroid or autoimmune
thyroid disease), either to be given thyroid hormone or have their thyroid
surgically or chemically removed/ablated. All for something as simple as an
iodine deficiency.

Even on Wikipedia, the most common cause of goiter is listed as “iodine

I am yet to run into a patient who has been prescribed iodine by their PCP
for goiter. I have had plenty of patients whose PCPs have told them to
absolutely NOT take any iodine.

That’s been my experience.

Yes. Most of the time it seems:

Conventional medicine + nutritional diseases = disappointing (at best).

So many people believe that iodine deficiencies don’t exist
anymore–particularly conventional physicians. I see all these hypothyroid
cases coming in, why? Well, after learning a little bit about iodine (see the
“Iodine Research” link at and knowing that T3 and T4
are named after how many iodine molecules are present, I figure that making
sure iodine status is good before anything else is a pretty good start.

On another medical nutrition note…seriously, I have had simple bloodwork
brought in by patients showing macrocytic anemia, which nearly any first-year
med student learns is typically caused by a B12 deficiency. If the patients are
even told they are anemic (which they can often gather on their own from
looking at their bloodwork), they are most often told to eat/take more
iron–which is not the solution to their problem. As I said, disappointing is
the nice way of putting it.

i typically use tamari when i want to add sodium to foods. how’s the iodine
content of it?
Look to the Google masters…either way, don’t depend on any salt (iodized or
not) to be providing optimal amounts of dietary iodine.

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