Cancer Is A Fungus Discussion

This is a great link to a powerful interview on
cancer and fungus and baking soda. This is the
best interview so please check out this interview
on Cancer and Fungal Infections; clearly it would
seem to apply to some Cancers.Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

“Cancer is a Fungus” discussion:

Dr Mercola comments on

What Causes Cancer?
Conventional medicine likes to focus on the impact of genetics as a causative agent in developing cancer, despite the fact that research indicates that genetics is not the main cause of this widespread phenomenon, even though it may play a small role in some people. Unfortunately, little attention is paid to the impact of plain and simple infections.Dr. Simonciniâ?Ts research has led him to believe that something as simple as a fungus, Candida, is the leading cause of cancer; that cancer itself is in fact a fungus. What we refer to as a tumor, is nothing more than your bodyâ?Ts attempt at protecting itself from that fungus.He brings up an analogy between psoriasis ­ an incurable

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