Beyond Breast Cancer: Poor Lymphatic Care Impacts Both Genders

by: Hooper, Penelope

New research indicates a strong link between breast cancer and the wearing of constrictive garments like bras. In fact, blockage or sluggishness of the lymphatic system impacts significantly on cancers, chronic and degenerative diseases and on your general level of health. Tight garments of all types, including accessories like belts, result in direct interference with the movement of lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is, in effect, the circulatory system for your immune function, which stretches across the surface of the body as a network of nodes, branches and fluid. Sluggishness of the lymphatic system results from lack of exercise. You have three times as much lymph fluid as blood and its movement is critical to all of its jobs in the body.

Disease-fighting white blood cells are manufactured in the lymph nodes and carried to bodily sites as needed by thread-like “veins”. Along with the circulatory system, the lymph has the job of maintaining inner cleanliness by filtering and carrying away toxic waste. The cancer connection starts when an engorged lymph system starts to farm out its toxic wastes to weak organs, just to get the toxins out of circulation. Impacts to health start long before tumours form. When the “garbage collector” of the body is overloaded, blocked or narrowed, the consequences range from the inconvenient to the serious.

Medical anthropologist Sydney Singer and assistant Soma Grismaijer, authors of Dressed to Kill, have advised against the wearing of bras or constrictive clothing, pointing out that breast cancer is rampant in cultures where these items of fashion are popular. Overloading of the lymph system is common in the modern world, where polluted environments and toxic constituents to our food place a heavy burden on its filtering functions all over the body. Tumours in the lymph system, or lymphomas, are on the rise. As the lymph system is pivotal as a drain for the body’s toxic load, our general inner cleanliness depends on its healthy functioning.

Health spas and cancer clinics all over the world have for many years used lymphatic drainage and exercise for recovery and prevention of life-threatening disease. The lymph system needs special stimulation or exercise, which is why nature placed lymph nodes in the areas of the body that have the greatest degrees of freedom to move: near the spine, neck, groin and arms. Frequent stimulation is required because the fluid in it moves in only one direction – down. Lymphatic drainage massage is one option. Using or buying a rebounder trampoline is another. A Canadian video, Lymphatic System Exercise gives instruction in gentle, targeted routines for squeezing each set of lymph nodes. If you dance, perform Tai Chi, swim or participate in sports, you are already supporting your lymphatic system.

Check yourself for signs of lymphatic system stress:

* swollen hands and feet at the end of the day * slow recovery from viral illnesses and infections * painful swelling of your lymph nodes (including tonsils and appendix) * aggravation of any condition ending in “itis” (arthritis, bronchitis) * compromised energy and mental clarity * insomnia resulting from excessive acid in the tissues * cysts and fibroid tumours * and finally, cancer.

This article was written by Penelope Hooper in Victoria, B.C. For more information, read Dressed to Kill by Sidney Singer. The Lymphatic System Exercise video is also available.
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