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There is a lot of nonsense being written about Iodine and it is hard to sort it all out. This page is about the experiences of people taking Iodoral, an Iodine supplement. If you are taking Iodoral and have some results you’d like posted here, please email me.


It is really amazing to me the number of things that improve after starting to renew the body’s acquaintance with iodine. I started this page to share some of the experiences people have had. These stories show that everyone is different. I’ve rearranged it so the most recent comments are now at the top, for those who have been here before (thanks!!) and are just returning for an update…

The writings of Dr. Guy Abraham, MD, on iodine, although mostly pretty technical, are among the very best. He is the researcher who first formulated Iodoral and put it to clinical use, based on many decades of research and use of Lugol’s Solution. Iodoral is Lugol’s in tablet form.


2-4-09 Great note from Roberta:
“I had breast cysts that were so numerous they could not be counted by the radiologist. I was in agony and after a biopsy ,which was benign,  the Dr prescribed tomoxifen. I went on natural progesterone oil instead and later added Iodoral and not one cyst remains!

“I should also add that I have a family history of breast cancer and the GYN and radiologist both felt that it was just a matter of time for me to get it, thats why he went as far as to prescribe the tamoxifen.”

I am so glad you found a natural solution!! I really appreciate your sharing the news.

2-8-08 Thanks to L.T. for this quick response to a statement in my order acknowledgement form letter:


“I’d be interested to know of changes you experience with Iodoral.”
I can tell you already, my hands aren’t as cold as they were. I am usually always cold and within two days, my core temp seemed higher.



2-6-08 CT in Colorado gave me permission to post this story. Thanks!!
“Hi. Nancy,

“I did not really have any overt symptoms to treat. I was following the suggestion of an engineer in Colorado I know who reversed his own type 2 diabetes (not associated with iodine) and since his ongoing research proved to be right on, further research suggested that it would be beneficial for women to be taking 26 mgs of iodine, men 13 mgs. I chose Iodoral after doing my own research.

“I am 48 years old and since I have not had any children, I started to go into early menopause with hot flashes, night sweats and a virtually non existent menstrual cycle. Upon being on Iodoral I restarted my cycle and as long as I was consistent about taking the Iodoral, the hot flashes and night sweats do not happen. If I’m not consistent, they return.”


10-1-07 My friend Elenor wrote:

“I’m a 51-yr-old Causcasian woman, of generally good health.

You recommended Iodoral to me when I was stressed to the max by events
in my life, and I began taking it (working up from 1 pill to 4 a day,
two on arising; two at bedtime).  The first and most amazing thing on
taking the first few pills was this mental fog lifted. I had not
realized I was “foggy” — but suddenly everything seemed brighter
(*I* seemed brighter {wink}) and I had energy that I had not had for
a long time.

Interestingly,  around Xmas last year, I ran low on pills, and
figuring I didn’t want to chance the Post Office delivery during the
xmas rush, and that it didn’t matter if I went without for a week or
so, I just ran out and planned to order in the New Year.  HA!  I
started, after just 2-3 days of missing my Iodoral, having hot
flashes!  And they continued until I got back on the Iodoral!  I
mentioned my surprise to my thyroid doc, and he raised an eyebrow and
pointed out that EVERY tissue in the body needs iodine — and that
especially includes the sex tissues.

I am SO grateful you set me off on this health direction!
Me too, Elenor.


8-28-07 K. writes: “I take Iodoral for the bladder infections I used to get. It’s been several years now since I’ve had one.”


Very interesting, and first time I’ve heard this. Bladder infections as a symptom of iodine deficiency? Who knew? I’d love to see research on this, but there’s no money in it. Darn. It occurs to me that many people may have had the same experience but didn’t even notice the connection. I thank K. for sharing his experience.


8-25-07 My doctor never mentioned Iodoral, my sister and I went to a seminar on bio-identical hormones, there was a doctor and pharmacist there. My sister mentioned the lump on my neck and she suggested Iodoral. I took one pill – within 3 days it was gone, at least to the point I did not feel it any longer. I am taking 2 pills per day, per the same pharmacist’s recommendations after I had blood work done, recent tests seems ok, thanks for the tip on vit c, I eat berries every day; hopefully that will do the trick. Val


Amazing. Thanks for letting me know.
7-22-07 Amazing note from Tammi with her reorder:

I have Fibromyalgia really bad, I hurt constantly.  I am a Terminal Mgr for a large trucking company, and one of my drivers who broke his finger and had to have a steel plate in it recommended your product and your website.  He said his finger did not hurt after taking it and his arthritis was much better.  His wife brought me in some and I took 2 a day and started to feel better not really noticing the pain, but I only had a few so then I ran out, I started to hurt again.

I then ordered a bottle and took 2 a day — sometimes I would miss a day here and there but the pain totally subsided. Well, I ran out about a month ago and being busy did not get around to reordering until the pain came back severely.  I am taking pain pills such as Vicoprofen and 800 mg Motrin that I do not take with the Iodoral.  I did not do the urine test.

I told my ANP [Nurse Practitioner] about it and she wanted me to bring her some and the information on your website and I told her I would.  I really believe it is what is helping my pain, and she wants another patient to try some. It is the only thing I have found that relieves it.  Please feel free to use my testimony or email me with more questions if you have any.
Thank you

7-28-07 Tammi wrote: “Just so you know, that I got my Iodine, and I am already starting to feel better after 2 days, I should have never let myself run out, I will try to do better on that next time.”

8-2-07 Update from Tammi: “The Iodine is really working – my pain is nearly completely gone again.”


I am very grateful to Tammi for being so candid about her problems and for letting me know what happens when she takes Iodoral.


5-10-06 I myself don’t have cold hands and feet any more, have a lot more pep, and my breasts don’t hurt like they did, and feel softer. Those little knots we women seem to get are all gone. I take 7 tablets a day. I think my attitude is better too, because I feel better generally. I can work long hours without running out of steam. Exercise is more fun. I seem to still get sleepy, but not bone-tired like I used to. What a relief.  I’ll have the urine iodine test again sometime this summer, to see if I’m to sufficiency yet.
1-28-06 Here is a lovely note from Frances which arrived with her third order.
“To update you, in a previous email I told you that the first “result” I noticed was a stronger voice – and it’s still strong.  I completely forgot the most important consequence from taking Iodoral — lack of sensitivity to light.  No one, and I mean no one, has had greater problems with photophobia than I – to the point of having to wear two pair sunglasses while driving in bright sunlight.  Keeping a pair at my front door was a necessity.  That isn’t happening today, thanks to Iodoral.  I took 4 tabs a day for most days I’ve taken it thus far.  Am going to cut back to two and see what happens.  Having a panel done sometime soon and I’ll see what it says about iodine levels.

Just wanted you to know that it really does help the eyes.  I can greet the day without doing it gradually as I did for fifteen years at least, varying degrees of sensitivity.  What a blessing.

I thank Frances for permission to post this note. I comment that if she means a blood test panel, it may not show the whole body’s iodine levels as accurately as a Urine Iodine test from Dr. Flechas.
Martina wrote that “I can definitely say that my spiritual life has been accelerated…” which I also appreciate, since I notice the same thing… although we don’t often remember that our health also includes this….

10-17-05 UPDATE: Conversation with Dr. Guy Abraham, MD, regarding side effects. I called after hours, thinking that I was going to leave a message to send me some more Iodoral. Dr. Abraham himself answered the phone! So I had an opportunity to thank him personally for this life-changing product. Then I asked him about the one side effect that’s been reported to me, other than a slight rash (which is a detox reaction in my professional opinion as a colon therapist). Frontal headaches have been responsible for all 3 of the returns I have had in the last 11 months (out of about 400 orders). Dr. Abraham’s feeling is that these are caused by sinus pressure, as the Iodine is liquifying the stuck mucus in the sinuses and getting it ready to drain. He mentioned that a runny nose was a possibility too in connection with this. His suggestion was to increase fluids and cut way back on or eliminate dairy products because they increase mucus production. Dr. Abraham, who I consider to be a genius, told me that this effect should last no more than a week or so.

Sept 16, 2005
“Hi Nancy,

“I suffered with breast soreness and pains approximately for 15 years for 3 out of 4 weeks of the month.  I started on iodine in January ‘05, within a couple of weeks I noticed a significant difference how they felt!  They still get sore approximately 1 week before my period, but NOTHING like they use too!


This is an incredible result. Congratulations! And thank you for permission to post it here!!


8-28-05 Val wrote the following:

“Dear Nancy:
I have been on iodoral since Nov 04. I had a nodule on my thyroid which was checked last year, I had the nodule for 2 years. After tests the doctor merely said if the nodule bothers you let me know and we will operate.

“I was at a seminar for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and I mentioned the nodule which she saw at the meeting. She told me to try iodoral and I did. The nodule was 3/4 gone with only 1 pill! completely gone after just a few.

“I mentioned this to my gynecologist (midwife) and she was amazed. I wanted her to let other women be aware of this. I left a message with my family doctor about this, but i am not sure she got it. I will be going for a check up soon and will tell her. I am quite pleased over this and have several relatives on it now since they heard my story and read the book on it, thanks

Thank you, Val, for this valuable information. I have talked with several people who have had their thyroid destroyed with radioactive iodine, or surgically removed because it was “hyper” (which can be a sign of iodine deficiency….). How fortunate that Val had a doctor who shrugged off her problem instead of rushing her into surgery!!

7-27-05 With her re-order, Joy wrote: “I FEEL HAPPIER, MY ANKLES DON’T SWELL, SO FAR SO GOOD.”

Hurrah! Thanks for the comment.


7-12-05 Lynn writes:
“I’ve been using Iodoral for about a month for breast pains. So far so good. Two members of a group I’m in run breast cancer support services so they are quite interested in iodine’s role with that. For me it seems to be helping my large breasts reduce down in size. Very interesting as large breasted women seem to need far more iodine than smaller breasted ones do.”

My comment: How interesting! Dr. Robert Rowen points out in Second Opinion for November, 2004, that breast tissue needs ten times as much iodine as the thyroid does, so it seems to make sense that with larger breasts you would need more iodine. Also, remember that Dr. Brownstein in his book, “Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It” mentions that Iodine has been found to help prevent or even REVERSE Fibrocystic Breast Disease. Who knew?
May 31, 2005 Glenn S. wrote me the following, posted with permission:

“My story is probably not much different than what you have been told by other people going to a “normal doctor”. I was diagnosed with a rare hyper thyroid disease in October, 2004. My t-4 free and t – 4 thyroxine are within normal range and my t3 free was quite high (583). The doctor suggested destroying my thyroid with radiation and putting me on a synthetic thyroid hormone. Needless to say I was not too excited about that. So we went another route. He put me on 5mg 2 times a day of methimazole. I am not one to want to be on prescription drugs the rest of my life, I am only 37 years old and already have to deal with type 1 diabetes.

“In January I decided to go see a lady here in Florida who specializes in bio energetic screening, nutrition & bio terrain assessment. We spent the first 60 days or so just cleaning out my body with an assortment of vitamins, minerals & diet. About 45 days ago she put me on Iodoral 2 tablets once a day. On Wednesday the 26th of May, 2005, I went back to the “normal doctor” for a follow up and new blood work and lo and behold my thyroid levels are now too low (t-4 free 0.6, t3 free 193). When I told the doctor I was on Iodoral he got pretty upset with me because I was not “going by the book” with his regiment. So I decided to stop taking the methimazole completely. I have another blood test in 4 weeks so it will be interesting to see how I do on just the Iodoral for the thyroid problem.”

I appreciate Glenn sharing this story and I hope we will be getting the followup test results. I also salute Glenn for resisting having his thyroid destroyed. Barbaric! Gruesome!! “It isn’t working, let’s chop it out!” It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. “Oh, and by the way, we will then make you dependent on ME for drugs for the rest of your life.” Where is the DEA when we REALLY need them?

Isn’t it amazing (and sad) that instead of celebrating Glenn’s great results and asking for more information so he could help others, the doctor got mad because he didn’t get his way. To me it shows that many doctors know their way often doesn’t work, but they feel they have to defend it to the death (of the patient!). Three cheers for Glenn, who took responsibility for searching out a better way for himself. If you have a similar problem with a doctor who won’t listen, take a look at Questions to Ask Your Doctor.

5-31-05 (or so) I had a marvelous phone conversation with Corinne, who told me that since taking Iodoral, her scratchy voice is clearing up and now she can sing again!! This is a new one on me, and I’ve asked her to write up her experience so I can post it. Corinne is 73 and quite a live wire. Corinne is the person who shared with me her version of my No-Stix Mix, and I like hers better.

One of the best things about having this website is I seem to attract people who are really interested in health and are doing something about it. For this I am grateful. How else other than the Internet (wonderful word) would I have been able to meet these select people from all over the world who share my concerns?


May 27, 2005, I received an order from Margaret. She shared with me the following, which I have her permission to post:

Hello Nancy,

I will be happy to share my experiences with Iodoral. I am ordering it because I have swelling in my left foot especially around the ankle. My inquiries and research tells me that it is a sign of heart problems with thyroid involvement. I also have MS (using wheelchair) and feel thyroid conditions/lack of iodine have much to do with auto-immune diseases, among other things.

Thanks for your prompt service.

Discover The PATH News, a free publication
with -natural- approaches for chronic illnesses.
visit Margaret’s site.

When I received Margaret’s order, I was curious about her email address “@thepathnews.com” so I did a little sleuthing. She has a marvelous site, where she shares ~for free~ a lot of very valuable information about health. I am looking forward to learning about her results with Iodoral, which I will post here.


5-1-05 B.H., A 71-yr-old man who is a friend of my husband and me, reports that he has less digestive upset, less constipation, and sleeps better as a result of taking Iodoral. He takes 1/2 tablet a day.
5-1-05 Here is a note from Sandra. I have her permission to post it here:

“I realize I only ordered enough for 22 days.. So I will need more soon I am sure.  I am on 10.5 grains of nature thyroid and that is a lot!! Still, I have been exhausted, can’t do much of anything. Depressed and put on 10 pounds. Nails are still weak and hair is dry and brittle. My skin is dry.

“I woke up the morning after I took four Iodoral and jumped up at 9AM with SOO much energy. I have sleep issues and often do not get up until 12 or 1 or even 2 PM depending on time I go to bed. It was amazing I had energy most of the day. However I fell asleep early at night for about an hour then I was UP UP UP for a long time so I know I need it; it wore off in less than a day.  I REALLY felt the difference. I went to every kind of doctor imaginable for over 30 years – even out of the country and no one mentioned iodine until this past week although I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism repeatedly.  I am so grateful to find you!!!!”

Thanks, Sandra. I’m excited that you’re getting results!! And I’m grateful to be of service.


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