An Alzheimer’s Recovery Story You’ll Never Forget!!

An Alzheimer’s Recovery Story You’ll Never Forget !!

Dear Christy and Maxam Labs,

I have wanted to write you about the use of your product for the last two months. But every time I am ready to sit down and tell you about some amazing results with PCA-Rx and NG-Rx, something else extraordinary happens. And I most certainly have to share everything with you!

Holistic Ministries and Health Care is my profession. One of the most extraordinary stories that I want to share with you, is about a very special client of mine for the last 4 years, who has been an Alzheimer’s patient for 12 years. I have witnessed her slow and then more rapid mental and physical degeneration. From a beautiful, alive and loving, woman, mother, wife and friend, to an unresponsive, empty shell of a human. I have also witnessed the anguish and frustration of her friends and family in dealing with little, or no hope that they would ever see any recovery from this horrible, crippling disease.

My work with Muggs has been overwhelmingly positive these last three months since the discovery, and use of your products, PCA-Rx and NG-Rx. For the last two years this woman had been rapidly deteriorating. She had lost the ability to use her arms, hands, and legs. Her body could not sit up on its own. She had become listless, unaware, and slept 22 hours out of 24, only being awake long enough to be spoon fed water and blended foods. At one point, she lost the ability to swallow her food and water. She had become completely non-communicative and unresponsive. The family was told to prepare for the inevitable; her DEATH. This woman had also been suffering from seizures off and on for over three years, and after going through a number of different medications such as anti-anxiety, anti-stress, anti-seizure, and anti-depressants, it had come to a point, in my opinion, of her being over medicated.

Three months ago with no other way to go, and looking at her options, I advocated a complete change in lifestyle, diet and medications. The challenge was finding the right products to initiate a healing response. Finding ASN/Maxam Labs was a special treat for me. I began using PCA-Rx and NG-Rx with Muggs, and within the first week I was getting responses that led me to believe that there was hope in helping her to recover. Using these products had opened the ability for her to start swallowing water. Three months later, Muggs is now drinking 8 glasses of water daily, and eating an all organic diet with some dairy. We have decreased her anti-anxiety medicine from 4 teaspoons daily to 1 teaspoon daily and I foresee completely eliminating this strong allopathic medicine soon, and replacing it with another Maxam product, Serenity. She is completely off of all other prescription medications, and is seizure free. For the first time, in a very long time, she can sit up in her wheel chair and turn the pages of a magazine, showing a real interest, reading and understanding what is within those pages. Words that were never spoken for the last 3 years have now become crystal clear and very well spoken. She had begun eating solid foods and drinking fluids within the first two weeks of taking the products. She now spends her waking hours, which are more than 8 to 10 daily, with quality. I can only see her making more and more improvements as the week’s progress.

I do believe that PCA-Rx and NG-Rx have been extremely positive for Mugg’s health and recovery. We have just introduced another Maxam product, NX-Rx into the mix, and find that this has helped her even more. Her ability to hold a glass of water, cross her legs, and stand up has become evident this last week. She is happy, laughs and smiles all the time, she is being born again. The family is truly amazed to see her progress and her coming back to life. One of the daughters that Muggs had not seen in a year came to visit, and was in tears of joy to find that her mother actually recognized her, and spoke to her, for the first time in many, many years. This wonderful lady has finally begun to find herself again, after 12 years of suffering the agony of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to use these products. I will definitely recommend them to others without a doubt! Thank you for giving back to this woman a quality of life that she never would have experienced again if it hadn’t been for your products! God’s blessings to all of you, and to the creator of such wonderful products.

Lory Jacobs PH.D
Fallon, Nevada

There’s Always Hope

Dear Maxam Labs,

I was provided with a bottle of PCA-Rx spray, which I have used as per instructions provided by a holistic health site on the web, for my wife aged 75, who has alzheimer’s. My wife’s demeanor has changed, she now smiles, and her eyes show some recognition. She is friendly towards her nurses and she no longer fights her baths, etc.

After five years of not speaking nor acknowledging any spoken word, she now says one word occasionally. Also, there have been two very short conversations, one of which she initiated !!

Thank You !!
Jesse H



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