Amazing Self-Healing. Hongchi Xiao

Hongchi Xiao’s Amazing SELF-HEALING. Give it a TRY….
This is a very interesting speech by this guy Hongchi Xiao.  He first talks of how he got into this study, learned accupressure and accupuncture and now this ‘self-healing’ without needles, etc. he demonstrates his techniques of doing these on yourself – heals the various types of illnesses – according to him.   He has healed many by this method, goes to many countries giving his speech and demonstrations with his audience who are mainly  elderly and have medical problems and they have been healed.

It is a long video to watch – 28 minutes – but worth seeing and listening to him.   It is worth trying out his techniques – doing them consistently till results are known.    Slapping yourself hard at the various areas he shows – sound silly, but I think it does work – so give it a try – good luck !
It’s 28 minutes long but it’s worth it listen to the end……..
Amazing …. slap yourself more …. at strategic points / joints area for healing ……
I believe in acupuncture too.  It produces results for me.
Amazing results !
Try it yourself and Please pass on………….
Hongchi Xiao….SELF-HEALING
Please spend a few minutes to listen to this chap (listen to the end) ………….        very interesting and a fascinating way of self-healing.
You must give his method a try, nothing to lose!
Wishing all of you a long and healthy life.

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