Alzheimer’s Protocol 1


Address any yeast or Candida issues before detoxing.  If there is yeast present, following the Candida protocol.

First, make sure that the patient is eating a healthy, organic diet.  Ensure that the patient is getting ample protein too.  No chemicals should be allowed in the diet.  Refrain from sugars also, as it upsets the pH balance.  Make sure that the patient is getting plenty of pure water and lots of restful sleep.  The body heals best while we’re sleeping.

I generally suggest starting with the PCA-Rx first because it removes SO many toxins during the first month (or bottle) that it really gives the follow-up product (NG-Rx) a much better foothold.  If the patient is deteriorating rapidly though, you may start all the products at the same time.  Space products 15 minutes apart from each other and 30 minutes away from food.

Start with the PCA-Rx.  If the patient is not extremely toxic, start them with 4 sprays twice daily.  Drink lots of water!!  If the patient is really toxic, start them on 1-2 sprays twice daily for a week, then gradually increase to 4 sprays twice daily.  Once the patient has finished the first bottle of PCA-Rx, they can start on the NG-Rx while they continue with the PCA-Rx.  The PCA-Rx should be used for a minimum of 4 months for an Alzheimer’s patient.

Next, start the NG-Rx at 2 sprays twice daily for a week, then gradually increase to 4 sprays twice daily. The NG-Rx will stimulate the brain.  Although there are NOT any stimulants in our products, the NG-Rx works on neuro-transmitters and brain chemistry and THAT can be stimulating, especially in a patient that has been chronically afflicted.  Encourage the patient, or those caring for them, to engage in activities that stimulate brain function, such as, word games, puzzles, reading, conversation, etc.  You may want to have the patient do most of the NG-Rx sprays in the morning if the NG-Rx stimulates them so much that they cannot sleep.  This does not happen very often, by the way.  The NG-Rx should be used for a minimum of 4 months also.

If desired, the patient with Alzheimer’s may want to use the Xomatropin.  The Xomatropin is a potentiated growth hormone that will help with the healing response that is taking place in the brain (and the body too).  If the patient is put on the Xomatropin, I suggest using 8 sprays just at night.  The reason for this is that the Xomatropin targets the pituitary, which is working at its fullest potential while we sleep.  Xomatropin should also be used for a minimum of 4 months.

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