Alkalife – Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sore, Stiff, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Uric Ac

Reports from users of AlkaLife and how an alkaline diet has helped them:

Jack M. – AK
I am 58 years old, very active until I was afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis.  It all started in 1990 in a minor form, and in 1996 I went downhill.  After thousands of dollars for many of the “cures” I became very discouraged.  It affected every joint in my body, my ankles and toes, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, neck and my right jawbone.  I became despondent; a word I thought would never enter my vocabulary.

I can testify with absolute certainty that from the date of starting on AlkaLife, which is about a month now, the improvement in my health is almost miraculous.  The pain is gone entirely, my mobility has improved beyond description.  A month ago I had to use a motorized wheel cart to shop.  I still waddle like a duck as I walk, but I can now shop for long periods of time on my feet.

Even though I have quit smoking over a year ago my circulation was really bad, and I am sure that the arthritis affected the circulation also.  It was necessary to cover myself in bed with a down filled comforter and wear wool socks to keep me warm.  After taking AlkaLife I have recently discarded the comforter and the wool socks, my body is toasty warm with just a sheet and a blanket.

This may not sound like much of an achievement to those who have never experienced severe pain and confinement, but it has brought tears of joy and thanks to our good God for this blessing you have created in my life and others.  It may take several months to make a full recovery but the fact that we know AlkaLife is “reversing” the serious problems that myself and others have had is a sign of getting better and extending our lives in a productive manner.  I feel you have penetrated the very marrow of health by working at the “cause instead of the symptom”.

It is through dedication and hard work by people like you that will take those like me “out of the courtyard and into the vineyard”.  THANK YOU, Mr. Whang!

Sharon K. – ME
One and a half year carpal tunnel hand, after 3 days I can close my hand!

Elizabeth C. – MA
It did me so well.  I couldn’t get out of bed because I was so sore and stiff and in so much pain.  Now after 2 days I just jump off the bed like nothing ever happened – wow!  Fantastic stuff!  For years I had pain, in two days I jump off – am I dreaming?  Is this real?

Kathy Z. – IN
I have used your products since the end of May 2002.  Wow, what a difference in me!  I have struggled with sciatica for the last 4 years.  I have a computer based desk job and don’t get much exercise during the workday…as I have been aging, I started to have this sciatica problem.  Loads of tests, x-rays, etc. showed nothing, but at times the pain was crippling and was really starting to slow down my life.  I am still not completely where I want to be physically but the improvement is major!!  Thanks from the bottom of my heart (much more energetic at 52!).

Marsha L. – CA
Like a miracle!  I had breast implant, could hardly walk, lost all ability to digest food, lost teeth, bone loss.  Now I can function, I can think, my body is improving – I love you!

Don S. – CO
I haven’t caught a cold this winter.  Have really bad arthritis, now I can raise my arm and put a shirt on without pain.

Cristina M. – FL
It has reversed my osteoporosis – I am so happy!

Molly H. – OH
My joints hurt about one week, then the pain is gone.

Gwendolyne L. – WA
It is helping my arthritis.

William S. – FL
I can see changes – my joint aches are gone.

Ginny S. – FL
My husband has high uric acid and is a diabetic, which causes gouty arthritis.  Now he is free of pain!  I have high blood pressure, I feel better and I swear by this water!

Earl C. – USA
I was in a motorized wheel chair until four weeks ago, when I started using the AlkaLife drops in my drinking water.  My legs were so weak, that I could not stand up or walk.  Now, I can walk and shop without giving out!!  I have not used my chair in a month, except as a desk chair.  I have recommended AlkaLife to all of my friends.  I have been to many doctors trying to find something that would help, but it was unsuccessful.  Thank you so much and continue your good work Mr. Whang.

Glenna R. – FL
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your products are!  My husband has been suffering from gout and possibly another type of arthritis.  He has been on strong pain killers Prednisone and arthritis preventatives and nothing has given him any relief.  A week ago last Saturday, he started taking the e-Cal.  By the following Tuesday, he said he believed he was better and quit taking the prescribed meds completely!  On Wednesday, he said he hasn’t felt this good in years!  On last Friday night, he was jumping up and down and kicking his heels up in the air to show me.  What a gift to have him free of crippling pain!  Thank you!  Thank you!

M.R. – FL
I have been using e-Cal for my Osteoporosis and it has been like a miracle.  My bone density level is normal and I have stopped using my medication since I started the e-Cal.  I strongly believe in Mr. Whang and his products.


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