Alkalife – Prostate, Frequent Urination, Energize, Uti, Bladder, Scleroderma, Cystitis,

Reports from users of AlkaLife and how an alkaline diet has helped them:

Jim M. – FL
It has caused me not to have any trouble urinating, no more pain, no more getting up in the middle of the night and always burning that I wanted to scream!  My acid reflux is better.  I have scleroderma, after using AlkaLife my skin is soft as a baby’s tush.  I’m 80.

Joseph A. – FL
I now have a lot more energy.

Susan B. – TX
I have much more energy now!

Ana K. – VA
Urinary track infection is gone, better in a few hours.

Margaret C. – TX
I cooked pinto beans with AlkaLife, and no gas the next day!

Judith G. – NY
I have remarkable results: the pain in my heel is gone the next day, my stomach is so much better and bladder condition improved.

Bev L. – PA
I have been using AlkaLife and am having wonderful results so far!  I have a bladder condition, interstitial cystitis, and have to avoid acidic foods.  At this point, it has been over a week and I am showing improvement and having less discomfort.

Monica O. – OH
It makes a great difference, if I don’t take it, I have pain in the bladder.

Jack R. – NV
Only 4 days on AlkaLife, my bladder problem is much better.

Vicki R. – USA
Six months ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. In my reading I learned that cancer flourishes in an acidic environment. To become more alkaline, I immediately started using AlkaLife in my drinking water. My litmus test (once yellow — now dark green) shows significant improvement in my alkalinity, an indicator of overall health. Thank you, Mr. Whang!


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