Alkalife – Overweight Loss, Constipation, Reflux, Thyroid, Stomach Pain, Jaundice, Digestion, Neck

Reports from users of AlkaLife and how an alkaline diet has helped them:

Asako E. – GA
My daughter said the dryness in her eyes is gone.  She is not using eye drops anymore.  It is helping me, no more problem with acid reflux after eating, feels great!  (8 months later) – I haven’t felt better, going to college, 4 courses.  Last year I didn’t feel so good, now I feel great!  I am 70.  You really reverse aging!  My skin is so much better, my bowel movement is just … I never remember B/M being normal.

Romy S. – FL
In 4 months I lost 10 lbs.  All my friends commented on how good I look.

Leslie L. – West St Paul, MN
In 4 months I dropped from 3 sizes.  My knees don’t hurt anymore, elbows don’t hurt, and complexion has changed.  My dogs prefer alkaline water.  One dog’s ear infection is gone.  (A month later) – The tumor on my mother’s neck started to drain about 5 weeks ago.

Brandon B. – NC
I am an athlete and have noticed an increase in stamina, increased body fat loss and overall better energy using AlkaLife.  Thanks again for your wonderful gift to the world.

Laura S. – CA
I lost 5 lbs right after Christmas.  It has done wonder with my oily skin, clogs gone, my skin is now moist, and the lines around the eyes are gone!

Sherry M. – CA
AlkaLife helps.  I lost 20 lbs and my high blood pressure down.  My 29-year-old daughter started AlkaLife, lost 7 lbs in a week – one lb. a day!

Diane M. – NY
It was difficult to lose weight on other products, I’m getting good results.

Valerie S. – WA
It has only been one week on AlkaLife and already problems of constipation that I’ve had since 1985 have been reversed.  I am so happy, I will continue to drink AlkaLife.

Jenny S. – OR
I lost 20 lbs. In 6 months, I really appreciate AlkaLife.

Umberto G. – FL
I lost 12 lbs. in about 3 weeks.

Pam B. – FL
My daughter has a condition called arthrogryposis with reflux at birth.  I now see a big difference in her, her B/M is more frequent.  It is working out real good.  We’ve tried all else, no luck!

Elvira H. – TX
I have acid reflex + indigestion.  It helps me tremendously, saved my esophagus!

Mark C. – NC
My friend has thyroid problems, now after using AlkaLife it is working again, her craving for chocolate also stopped and she is losing weight.

Sally L. – CA
I have more energy.  In the last month I lost 7 lbs.

Mary G. – IA
I have seen weight loss after using it for several months.

Carole H. – FL
Great product! I had reflux, and taking this, I don’t have it anymore!

Robbi D. – MI
Normally constipated, I’m now regular! Unbelievable!

Judy E. – MT
I love it. I lost 20 lbs. right away!

John G. – FL
My stomach pain is gone.

Judith G. – NY
I have remarkable results: the pain in my heel is gone the next day, my stomach is so much better and bladder condition improved.

Sandra G. – CA
My mother is getting better, she was yellow before!

Jenny S. – OR
Lost 20 lbs. in 6 months – I really appreciate AlkaLife.

Stuart S. – NY
My digestion seems normal again.  I have no major medical problems, after consistent use for one week.

D Wilk-Canada
In the past year, I had numerous medical tests for my intermittent abdominal pain.  The results of all investigations were negative, but the pain remained unchanged.  My wife bought a bottle of AlkaLife and instructed me how to use it.  After three days of drinking water with AlkaLife, my abdominal pain has subsided.  My wife has also noted that I am no longer snoring!  I still keep drinking AlkaLife and I feel great!.


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