Alkalife – Gout, Uric Acid, Cholesterol Lipitor

Reports from users of AlkaLife and how an alkaline diet has helped them:

Peggy K. – NC
AlkaLife completely stopped the debilitating gout attacks my husband suffered several times each year.  He would often be unable to walk for several weeks.  Since he has been taking AlkaLife he has not had an attack.  I had begun to notice stiffness in my hands and knees and since taking AlkaLife this has diminished considerably.  My digestion improved greatly which enabled me to enjoy a wider variety of foods.  If AlkaLife is good for humans I decided that it must be good for animals.  I can see a great difference in my 10 dogs health, especially as it pertains to arthritis and improved kidney function.  My old 16-year-old doggie is going great and I attribute much of his health to AlkaLife. Many, many thanks!

Tom A. – FL
My gout is cured!

William S. – FL
Joint pains are gone!

Nancy B. – MO
My sister has stomach acid, in one hour it is gone.

Molly H. – OH
My joints hurt about one week, then the pain is gone.

Judith G. – NY
I have remarkable results: the pain in my heel is gone the next day, my stomach is so much better and bladder condition improved.

Manuel G. – FL
In one day my gout is gone!  No more pain!

Ginny S. – FL
My husband has high uric acid and is a diabetic, which causes gouty arthritis.  Now he is free of pain!  I have high blood pressure, I feel better and I swear by this water!

Ryan B. – USA
I am 32 years old and I have been a chronic gout sufferer since April/May 1998. My attacks were extremely severe. I became an avid yoga practitioner, vegetarian, and cut out alcohol and caffeine from my diet, but over time my attacks continued to get more frequent.  Then I tried a smoothie that had a kidney/liver detox powder in it.  The next day I got an attack that lasted for nearly 2 months. It finally went away when I started eating fish but eventually returned to the every few weeks’ routine.  Finally, I tried to control my pH level drinking a tsp. of baking soda in and 8 oz. glass of water a day.  I tried this but it did not work for me.

Then a few weeks ago a friend of my mothers who has been battling cancer for years told her of a new holistic treatment she was using called AlkaLife. It is a liquid formula designed to change the pH level of water from acidic to alkaline. By putting a few drops of AlkaLife in your water the alkaline water changes the pH of your body and enables it to flush acidic waste more efficiently.

I have been using these drops now for one month and have been completely gout free. I am feeling so much more energetic, and healthy, and even feel young again. I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but I am sure there are gout sufferers out there who may benefit from this, so I am giving this information to you in the hope that you will pass it along to others who are still suffering today.

Marilyn W, USA
I started taking AlkaLife drops because of several attacks of acute gout, the grand finale being three bouts in a two-month period of time. I refused to start taking a drug (allopurinol) for it for the rest of my life.  Every drug has side effects and one ends up with two (or more problems) when they started with one.  I was getting desperate and was therefore THRILLED to find this product.

All my life, my high uric acid levels have been at the highest point of normal, but no one ever explained the significance.  Now at age 62, and after having had perhaps 8-10 attacks in the last five years, NOW I understand that my body is acid (why couldn’t someone have told me that before?) and that I make uric acid faster than my body can excrete it.  So what’s the logical answer? Neutralize the acid! Not exactly rocket science territory.  I have now used AlkaLife for exactly 12 months.  I am thrilled with it and plan never to be without it for the rest of my life.  In addition to prevention of gout attacks, several other health concerns have improved as well, but mostly I am so thrilled to be free of the agony of gout.  I can’t thank you enough.

Earl C. – USA
I was in a motorized wheel chair until four weeks ago, when I started using the AlkaLife drops in my drinking water.  My legs were so weak, that I could not stand up or walk.  Now, I can walk and shop without giving out!!  I have not used my chair in a month, except as a desk chair.  I have recommended AlkaLife to all of my friends.  I have been to many doctors trying to find something that would help, but it was unsuccessful.  Thank you so much and continue your good work Mr. Whang.

J.B. – WA
I have had gout all my life, and I was able to basically control it until I turned 87.  At that point I had constant pain in my feet and trouble walking.  I had too much uric acid in my system.  A friend of mine that is a chemist said, “you need to get your body more alkaline.”  I asked him how could I do this, and he turned me to AlkaLife.  Within a week of taking it, I was no longer suffering!  I find that when I don’t drink enough alkaline water that I start to feel the gout symptoms again.  So now it is a way of life.  I used to take Lipitor for cholesterol problems, but I was starting to get bad muscle pains in my arms, which was a side effect of Lipitor, so I stopped taking it and continued with AlkaLife.  When I went to the doctor to check my cholesterol, my level was the same as when I was on the Lipitor!  I believe in this product, AlkaLife!!


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