Alkalife – Fibromyalgia, Hemorrhaging, Sciatica, Colitis, Mastectomy, Edema, Menopause, Migraine, A

Reports from users of AlkaLife and how an alkaline diet has helped them:

Tim N. – OR

I am 56 years old, have been sick with fibromyalgia for 3 years.  AlkaLife really helped me in 3 weeks! I can now do activities that I couldn’t do in my 20s, and no aches and pains!  This is the most important thing I have experienced.

Sandy (via email)
After having my son 3-1/2 years ago, I became ill – severe bleeding/hemorrhaging for 6 months per period, severe weight gain, loss of hair, migraines, joint aches and pains just to name a few.  I tried dietary changes, exercise changes, herbs, medication, etc.  All helped a little, but not enough.  We found the AlkaLife drops and within weeks, the bleeding slowed, after 5 weeks, the bleeding stopped and I actually have a cycle.  I have started to lose the weight; the hair is starting to come back.  Shortly after starting the drops, I became pregnant and the drops settled my morning sickness, although I am confident this would help throughout pregnancy, I did miscarry (problems from before).  Thank you so much – I am getting my life back and my son is getting a mother that is fun!

Kathy Z. – IN
I have used your products since the end of May 2002.  Wow, what a difference in me!  I have struggled with sciatica for the last 4 years.  I have a computer based desk job and don’t get much exercise during the workday…as I have been aging, I started to have this sciatica problem.  Loads of tests, x-rays, etc. showed nothing, but at times the pain was crippling and was really starting to slow down my life.  I am still not completely where I want to be physically but the improvement is major!!  Thanks from the bottom of my heart (much more energetic at 52!).

Tina G. – FL
My colitis is 100% better!

Frieda Y. – CA
My sister had two mastectomy operations.  She is a beautiful woman with a will to live, she definitely felt better with AlkaLife.

Ana V. – FL
After 5 days, my leg fluid retention (EDEMA)  is better and so are the hot flashes.

Jo G. – FL
My hot flashes are now totally gone, my dizziness is about 95% of what it used to be.  My eyes do not get tired easily after an hour or so – I can now stay in a museum all day!

Rebecca S. – FL
I have been taking AlkaLife for about a week and it already has a very positive effect.  From having been chronically tired and feeling toxic, in spite of the many detox programs I have done for years, I now have energy, I also sleep better and have fewer menopausal problems like hot flashes.

Anya A. – NM
Have been using AlkaLife for 3 years, it is great stuff!  Now my pH is balanced, I get sick a lot less.  Everything I am doing with AlkaLife is working very well!

Gloria A. – RI
I was very sick. If it wasn’t for AlkaLife I might be dead! Now I am out of bed.

Paul L. – FL
For 20 years I’ve had migraine problems, 50 doctors!  8 drops in a glass and it helped!

Madeline A. – NY
Really helping my allergies, fabulous!

Gian H. – NC
We feel 30 years younger!  Since on AlkaLife the quality of life is superb! We are so happy we are faithfully taking it.

Ana K. – VA
Urinary track infection is gone, better in a few hours.

Margaret C. – TX
I cooked pinto beans with AlkaLife, and no gas the next day!

Judith G. – NY
I have remarkable results: the pain in my heel is gone the next day, my stomach is so much better and bladder condition improved.

Jim I. – RI
Great product!  For 5 years I’ve been breaking out with hives, no luck with medication, AlkaLife helps decrease sweating substantially.

Bev L. – PA
I have been using AlkaLife and am having wonderful results so far!  I have a bladder condition, interstitial cystitis, and have to avoid acidic foods.  At this point, it has been over a week and I am showing improvement and having less discomfort.

Monica O. – OH
It makes a great difference, if I don’t take it, I have pain in the bladder.

Valerie M. – WA
The tumor in my uterus is getting smaller.

Mike L. – USA
I’ve been using the drops now for about 3 months and drink on average 4-6 glasses of alkalized water per day.  It appears to be working nicely, so far as I can tell.  The water definitely tastes better I think, smoother and easier to get down.  My skin feels nicer and it’s weird, about 6-8 weeks after using the drops, it feels like my energy level and overall happiness has started to increase noticeably.

Peggy K. – USA
For years I have praised AlkaLife — would never want to be without it. Now, however, I will add Bicarb-Balance to my list of “never to be without”. Thanks for keeping my family and my animals healthy!

Melinda L. – CA
AlkaLife is a wonderful product!  It has taken my pain away!  It has been miraculous for me!  For twenty years I was on medication for interstitial Cystitis.  Now I’m off medications!  Please thank Mr. Whang.

M.R. – FL
I have been using e-Cal for my Osteoporosis and it has been like a miracle.  My bone density level is normal and I have stopped using my medication since I started the e-Cal.  I strongly believe in Mr. Whang and his products.

D Wilk-Canada
In the past year, I had numerous medical tests for my intermittent abdominal pain.  The results of all investigations were negative, but the pain remained unchanged.  My wife bought a bottle of AlkaLife and instructed me how to use it.  After three days of drinking water with AlkaLife, my abdominal pain has subsided.  My wife has also noted that I am no longer snoring!  I still keep drinking AlkaLife and I feel great!.


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