Alkalife – Dry Eyes, Cataract, Peripheral Vision,

Reports from users of AlkaLife and how an alkaline diet has helped them:

Asako E. – GA
My daughter said the dryness in her eyes is gone.  She is not using eye drops anymore.  It is helping me, no more problem with acid reflux after eating, feels great!  (8 months later) – I haven’t felt better, going to college, 4 courses.  Last year I didn’t feel so good, now I feel great!  I am 70.  You really reverse aging!  My skin is so much better, my bowel movement is just … I never remember B/M being normal.

Pat A. – MI
It helped my eyes right away, dissolved the cataracts.  Better complexion, lines are gone!

Tom L. – NC
I was having degenerative peripheral problem, about a month later my vision improved greatly.  Then one day I realized I’m not wearing glasses any more!  Overall health improved.

Mike S. – FL
My vision got stronger in 2 months, I need weaker prescription, it is tremendous!

Maynard G. – IN
(On AlkaLife for 16 months) My eyes are no longer bothered by lights of oncoming traffic while driving at night.  I took off my glasses and it didn’t bother me one bit. This stuff is working!

Howard P. – WI
I turned 72 a few days ago.  My eyesight is better; my optometrist cannot explain why my 3-year-ago level is now too strong!

Jerry B. – OR.
I have eyesight improvement, my cholesterol is down, triglyceride is down. Feels great!

T. S. – IL
I would like to tell you that after using AlkaLife drops for five years my eye doctor is amazed at the results.  My current prescription in now too strong for me and my astigmatism is much better.  I can read the smallest line and my eye sight level is considered by my doctor as not even needing reading glasses yet.  Two years ago, I was tested for level 100 glasses, but I have since improved to the point where I don’t need them at all!  He is now interested in alkaline water for himself, and his patients, who are concerned about their eyesight.


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