Alkalife – Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Constipation, Uric Acid,

Reports from users of AlkaLife and how an alkaline diet has helped them:

Harvette H. – OH
I am 81 years old.  My blood pressure went down from 140 to 120/70!

Ken W. – FL
In 7 days my blood pressure went down!

Sheila F. – NC
I have told so many people how much better I feel, my blood pressure is down.

Winnie T. – FL
For the first time in my life my cholesterol went down from over 200 to 160!

Sherry M. – CA
AlkaLife helps.  I lost 20 lbs and my high blood pressure down.  My 29-year-old daughter started AlkaLife, lost 7 lbs in a week – one lb. a day!

Valerie S. – WA
It has only been one week on AlkaLife and already problems of constipation that I’ve had since 1985 have been reversed.  I am so happy, I will continue to drink AlkaLife.

Anne S. – OR
My blood pressure is down, helping with my osteoporosis, I sleep less and have more energy.

Jerry B. – OR.
I have eyesight improvement, my cholesterol is down, triglyceride is down. Feels great!

Harvette H. – OH
I’m 81 years old.  In a week, my blood pressure went down to absolutely normal 120/70.  Skin tone is getting pinker, acid reflux better, just wonderful!  I stopped for one week and blood pressure went up to 140.

May L. – CA
My sister introduced it to me, she loves it.  My blood pressure is down.

John G. – FL
My stomach pain is gone.

Judith G. – NY
I have remarkable results: the pain in my heel is gone the next day, my stomach is so much better and bladder condition improved.

Sandra G. – CA
My mother is getting better, she was yellow before!

Ginny S. – FL
My husband has high uric acid and is a diabetic, which causes gouty arthritis.  Now he is free of pain!  I have high blood pressure, I feel better and I swear by this water!

Melinda L. – CA
AlkaLife is a wonderful product!  It has taken my pain away!  It has been miraculous for me!  For twenty years I was on medication for interstitial Cystitis.  Now I’m off medications!  Please thank Mr. Whang.


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