Af-X (Maxam Nutraceutics)

Af-X (Maxam Nutraceutics)


AF-X Cellular Regeneration

AF-X At A Glance:

Product Name: AF-X
Product Type: Dietary Supplement
Product ID: AFX
Function: Cellular Regeneration
Delivery Method: Oral Spray Mist (trans-mucosal)
Dosage: 1 to 8 Sprays, 1 or More Times Daily
Container Size: 60 ml
Container Duration: 120 Days (at 4 sprays per day)
What AF-X Does:
Cellular regeneration.
Aid to reduced circadian development due to toxic exposure.
Addresses all aspects of Autism Spectrum/ADD/ADHD/RS or any other neural developmental disorders.

AF – Autism Factors -The Story

In October of 2001, I began receiving calls from the parents of Autistic children asking about the effectiveness of our PCA product in the treatment of Autism. PCA had been mentioned in the Great Plains Laboratory newsletter, stating that it was very effective in the safe, gentle removal of heavy metals from the body. For this reason, PCA showed a lot of potential in the treatment of Autism. Over the next several months, after hearing the stories from hundreds of frustrated and confused parents of Autistic children, I realized the enormously far-reaching scope of this devastating disability. Although PCA was very effective in the removal of the heavy metals and toxins considered responsible for the underlying condition, a more specialized formulation, along with additional research, was needed to address the neurogenesis aspects of the recovery process. Many of the children affected were of an age that the normal circadian development of brain cells had ceased or at least been severely impaired due to their toxic exposures at such an early stage of life.

The AF formula has been available for testing over the last 8 months with parent feedback being a key indicator of its effectiveness. We have been constantly fine-tuning the product to enhance its efficacy, addressing all aspects of Autism Spectrum/ADD/ADHD/RS or any other neural developmental disorders in children as well as in adults.

In the last 8 months, we have distributed over 100 bottles of AF with a parental feedback rating of 99% improvement. Children that had been stuck in the no-recovery or extremely slow recovery process for years are now seeing developmental progress on a daily basis by parents, teachers and therapists, giving new hope in the recovery of ASD.
AF (Autism Factors) formulation PHARMACOLOGY- AF 1-6

AF was originally a formulation of three of our most effective products for neurogenesis

NG: Micro-activated neural mRNA peptides responsible for balancing dopamine/serotonin aspects of brain functionality.
SAMe: Micro-activated S-adenal L methionine, which is necessary for proper brain function, increases brain fluidity and is a necessary methyl donor for the formation and integrity of new cellular development.
PM: A new product developed from our ASD research, addressing receptor attenuation and neural damage created by the onset of exposure to toxins, poisonous metals, etc. PM works on the mRNA gene sequencing, up-regulating receptors responsible for (MT) Metallothionein I-V, (SOD) Super Oxide Dimutase I & II, (CAT), (GSH), pancreatic functionality, gut imbalances, etc.
Further Additions to AF 10- AKA AF-X- 01-25-03
B1-B24: Micro-activated B vitamin precursors, up-regulates the body’s ability to recognize and fully utilitize the full spectrum of B vitamins.
CoQ10: Micro-activated Co enzyme Q10 precursors, up-regulates the body’s ability to manufacture and utilize CoQ10.
CoQ: Micro-activated Co enzyme One, up-regulates the body’s ability to manufacture and utilize NADH,
NX: Through messenger RNA sequencing, signals the body to manufacture (NGF) Nerve Growth Factor.
VIT: A full spectrum, micro-activated vitamin pack that up-regulates the body’s ability to accept and fully utilitize the natural absorption of vitamins.
PN: Micro-activated neural peptides necessary for the stimulation and balancing of pineal function and the manufacturing and release of Melatonin.
CN: Strengthens cellular functionality, creates healthy cell division, assists immune function and aids in the repair of DNA.
Xomatropin GHRH: Stimulates pituitary and hypothalamic function.
TRP: Thyroid Regulating Peptides. Stimulates and balances thyroid function.
MS (myostatin): Aids in nitrogen retention and stimulates immune response.
IM: Stimulates additional immune function through mRNA.
C-MINS: A full spectrum, ionic charged, mineral complement. Stimulates mRNA, signaling the full utilization and absorption of minerals.
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